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Less Schooling, More Apprenticeships Kerry McDonald | June 8, 2017 Apprenticeships can be a valuable, time-tested approach to connect adolescents with the authentic, practical experiences of the adult world. Read more at: © Apprenticeships first appeared in the later Middle Ages as an opportunity for young people, usually between the ages of 10 and 15, to gain practical skills and on-the-job training from a master craftsman. These adolescent apprentices came of age immersed in authentic experiences and surrounded by adult mentors. The term “adolescence” comes from the 15th century Latin word, “adolescere,” meaning “to grow up or to grow into maturity.” But it wasn’t until 1904 that G. Stanley Hall, the first president of the American Psychological Association, […]

Woodpile Report

The current Woodpile Report is a good’un … as usual… maybe moreso. Regardless, I highly recommend going there and reading all of it. Skimming is allowed, but I suspect you will read. Prepare to bookmark and come back to finish. I give you one compelling bit below. Click the title to go see the entirety. … The Woodpile Report As I mentioned last week, there are a number of economists predicting a monster run up in the stock exchanges—near 30,000 on the DJI around the end of the third quarter—then a sputtering stall with a quivering violin note in the background, followed by an unstoppable, cascading crash sweeping all before it in the grandest reset since Pompeii. They present loads-o’-supporting […]

loyal mug

I have a favorite coffee mug. A couple of days ago, I realized it has been my favorite for a long, long time… that is, in coffee mug years. My daughters invited me to a paint-your-own green clay studio back in February ’99. How do I remember when they did that? It says so on the cup I painted. The shape of the lip, and grace of the cup is crucial. The memories matter. The theme and art cap it off. Can you imagine being loyal to a coffee mug for 18 years? Heck, in our disposable society, almost nothing remains in our lives that long. In my world, it is not alone. Grandpa Herb demonstrated to me: Get quality. […]

another cost of modern culture

Who would turn down perpetual attractiveness? Would any of us reject the opportunity for our beauty or handsomeness to last into our old age? That seems a likely cost of open marriages, uncommitted relationships, transgenderism, anti-marriage (and I’m NOT talking about government permits), and, basically, the entire attack on the man-woman, long-term-commitment model. While there may be instances, in fact I’ve seen some where the non-traditional can work in the long run, most do not. Yet culture after culture around the world and throughout history have had the One-Each M+F model work well. I purloined a few sentences from a post on this topic. Click the link to read the whole thing. ———- To me, fair friend, you never can […]

collage duhgree

I have long danced around the edges of seriously contemplating the requisite college degree path to success in our culture. The first chink in that model’s armor came at me when the U.S. Air Force offered me the opportunity to decline reposting from Utah to the Philippines. The tiny bit of research I did using 1970 tools (pre-Internet) exposed a USofA colony so destroyed that a mundane job like elevator operator had over a thousand applicants whose overwhelming pool was thinned out by requiring a college degree to be even considered. So hated were the imperial forces that Clark Air Force Base was a “closed base”. GIs were not allowed off base because too many of the occupiers were knifed […]

You Should Cut Your Hair

Six months after my last haircut I wrote this: hair magic – by Ted Dunlap, on March 28th, 2014. I have made a number of posts here about that in the last few years (see hair) It has now become odd to me that our culture is so enslaved as to not understand why average men have short hair. Defeated warriors had their hair cut off by the victors to reduce their power. So many cultures lost one battle or another that short hair became the norm. I no longer submit. I also no longer concern myself with those who would judge me by hair length. Appearances are for shallow people. Substance is for substantial ones. I am a customer, […]

Is Long Hair Making Us More Intuitive?

 Back in the old days and the ancient times, many cultures embraced people with long hair, because they believed that long hair was a sign of strength and spiritual maturity. The Native Americans and the Chinese are just a few examples of the many cultures that value long hair, which was why the men and women of these cultures back then rarely cut their hair. Even though back then many cultures believed that having long hair was beneficial to the body, is there evidence today that supports the belief that long hair can make a person more intuitive? How long hair can make you more intuitive If you study Nature deeply enough, you should know that Nature would never create […]

people do not have genders

I often enjoy The Woodpile Report. I’m sharing this one snippet from the current version. There is much more good writing there. Check it out. Meanwhile, this tidbit:   It’s time for us to have a talk. The one about the birds and the bees. I’m going to tell you the facts so you don’t get confused or misled by people who are not your friends. Okay, here goes. It’s this way. People are biologically male or female. Male or female are people’s sex, not their gender. People don’t have genders. Words have genders. Word genders are masculine or feminine nouns and pronouns. “She” and “he” are genders. “His” and “her” are genders. That’s because language is a “social construct”. […]