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imminence of EMP

I link today to an article from the website It is well worth visiting it from time to time. The article I excerpt here is about the imminent threat of North Korea launching an Electro-Magnetic-Pulse (EMP) attack on the USofA.

Surely by now you know that an EMP would eliminate electricity in our country and, pretty much, the entire civilization of ours that has evolved to complete dependence on said electricity. You will still get up in the morning and put your clothes on, but NOTHING between that moment and falling back asleep at night will be the same.

The article linked to below is about the potential threat North Korea’s military poses to EMP-ing the USofA. This […]

precision rifle shooting

This morning I was led to the Precision Rifle Shooting blog (PRS It is an absolute treasure trove of information on, well, precision rifle things.

It occurs to me as I read and ponder this topic that precision rifle gear and precision rifle men are of no value whatsoever in the wrong place or applied to the wrong target. Information, and more importantly, refined information also known as “intelligence” are a whole lot more important.

While not really good at radio, information gathering and/or information processing, I am a whole lot better than average. I also am putting a higher priority on improving those things compared to improving my shooting skills and gear collection. Again, not that I […]

Who is filling your head?

Your brain can be used for thinking; processing information from the world around you. OR you can just just sit, absorbing stuff other people put in your head.

In Jerry Mander’s (In the Absence of the Sacred, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television) research he found that television/movie media came at the human brain too rapidly, relentlessly for the natural cognitive processes to analyze the data. He and his contemporaries used, and continue to use that fact to plant misinformation and marketing information in your head as if it were things you decided yourself.

Distraction, respite from thinking, artificial inputs are so ubiquitous in our society that we accept it as a normal state, and […]

Contrails vs Chemtrails video clip

I have a hard time imagining anyone looking up at our Montana skies regularly and NOT noticing something very unnatural going on. Yet thousands of us do.

Today I ran across this short video primer showing and describing the differences in science, fact and observation.

Here is a simple, straightforward discussion of contrails compared to chemtrails… no rant, no rave, just the simple facts of the matter in a 4 minute, 36 second long video.

coffee roasting

My joy of coffee evolved a long ways over the years. Appreciation for quality drove me to more and more select roasters, fresher and fresher suppliers, then finally to the fanatics of select green coffee beans at Sweet Maria’s.

…We are more than just another online store, we are a virtual coffee university. Simply put, we really like what we do…

If you decide you are ready to graduate from high-end roasted coffee, I doubt you can do much better than to buy fresh green beans from their round-the-world selection. The variety is nearly overwhelming. Simply start with one of their samplers to get a feel for the choices. My current favorite java comes from, of all […]

grass roots movie projects

I’m introducing you to two movie projects that are quite interesting. Completion of both will be dependent on the commoners, as the moguls are not interested in helping, let alone seeing them completed.

The first one is that of a man who refuses to kneel. An obstinate, peaceful Montanan, who stands for you and me, against whatever they throw at him. Here is a clip from the website, and link to it so you can investigate further.

Warning, the website is under construction. Many parts do not work currently, but as time and money permit, more will come online. … ernie met “the law” face to face a few years ago, during the 2008 Housing Bubble melt-down, […]

How to trigger nuclear Armageddon

Those dang Russians are provoking war. I mean, look at where they put their country… right smack dab in the middle of thousands of US troops, sailors, NATO troops, war machines, small-medium-large armaments, and nuclear missile launchers.

I have been watching in horror as The War Party, (aka: the military industrial complex, aka: the Ds and Rs, aka: the new world order, aka: the psychopaths and sociopaths) constantly and continually provoke Russia and China with trade wars, monetary wars, and military threats. At some point the targets will no longer be able to wait for the lunatics in charge to launch their attacks.

The next day, what is left of our world will be unrecognizable.

I want you to find […]

first aid failure

I tested our first aid supplies, phone list, land-line telephone, backup telephone, radio network and found all of them wanting.

Many details to attend to and some significant repairs in planning/function.

A dog guest and Scooter were having a gay old time when she somehow impaled herself on a steel post I had tried to remove some time ago… but didn’t persevere as I rather obviously should have.

She set to screaming in obvious injured and confused pain trapped with this rod entering her gut and nearly exiting her back. Nobody but me could get close (she trusts me more than anyone on the planet, though she is more devoted to, and adoring of Missy than anyone on Earth).